Cut your own Christmas Tree

Family owned and operated

The Boxer Christmas Tree Farm is family owned and operated. We started this business with the idea of creating a fun family oriented atmosphere to make everlasting memories. We are a Boxer loving family that includes 4 boxer babies; Diesel, Jake, Ember Jo, and Bunker and 5 hooman kids. Our trees will not be ready to cut for a few years but follow us along on our journey of creating our family business.  


The Crew

Our 2 legged kids

Rob and Jodi Willnow



The Crew II

Our 4 legged kids

New Crew Member

Today was an exciting day as the new coop was delivered. Yes, it is a shed but once the modifications are made it will be our coop. 

Our new Amish shed arrives Monday. We will be making a large coop and storage. Farmer Rob is working on the new run for the coop.

Our 31 meat chickens and 10 Turkeys will be available late June. Look how fast they are growing. 

The turkey and roaster chicks are here. Ordering information will be posted soon.


We will be expanding the farm this year. We will be taking orders for fresh/frozen roaster chickens and turkeys. We are expecting our first shipment of chickens this week and they will be ready in approximately 12 weeks. We currently have 20 still available. If interested please email us at or message us from our face book page.

Cinder has come to join our 4 legged crew. She has been well accepted even though she is not a boxer. Cinder is part Berna doodle and Silver Lab. Cinder has been a great help with healing all our hearts especially Bunkers.

It's been a journey

We have had a few changes on the farm. Our trees are growing and we are adding more this spring. We are still a few years away from being able to cut. We have had a few changes in our 4 legged crew members. Jake moved up north to live with my parents. It seems that Diesel and Jake were to close in age and not able to get along anymore. Good news is we see him every time we visit. We lost our sweet Ember Jo in December 2021. This was hard as she was just 3 years old and was like a mama to Bunker. 

Follow us on our journey.

We started this journey just before Thanksgiving. We had acres and we were trying to figure out what we should do with them. Then Rob mentioned Christmas trees. Which brought back memories of  my Uncle Monty's Christmas tree farm in Kalkaska. When I was a kid every Thanksgiving we spent at my Uncle's we would go out and pick out our tree and Dad would cut it down and we would bring home our beautiful fresh Christmas tree. Rob and I continued this tradition when we became a family.

Nothing is better than spending time walking through all the beautiful trees looking for the one that will look the best in your home. The time spent with your family is priceless just as the look on the kids faces when they can feel the Christmas spirit in the air and the excitement of Santa begins as they pick the perfect tree for him to see.

This will be a few year journey until we will be able to open for you to come and pick your tree. Follow us as we learn, make mistakes, and get everything ready for all of you to come and visit.

  • Sand Creek, Michigan, United States